Club Penguin cheats


july 13th- waddle on water party

july 18th-party ends

july 20th-new furniture catalouge,new pin hidden


july 7th

theres a free mining hat in the mine, the pin is in the lounge, in the divers helment there is the viking helment click 3 times and u get the blu 1, the drumstix u get swim goggles and last but not least………. in the flower basket u get the blu cape

we now have pictures

Me kkmethis is me

July 6th

1. There is a new pin in the dance lounge, it is a water drop.

 2. There is also a new clothing catolouge (if you ask me, it sucks) The viking helmet is located in the diving helmet, swim googles are by the drum sticks, and the blue cape is in the flower basket.

 3. There is a free mining helmet in the mine.

4. There is a flood in the mine and the cave, but the club penguin team is working on fixing it.

Money Maker

Me and Keasha have come up with something new, we will help you get coins, just give us your password, and we will make sure u will have a 500-2000 coin boost in 1-3 days, just give us your penguin and password, we will promise you we will not ban you, and we also promise that no one else will see your password.


Speaking of fireworks, happy 4th of July, to celebrate, Club Penguin has put a fireworks show in the distance of the moutain and ice berg

New HQ tvs

There are 3 new HQ tvs, 1 of the forrest, 1 of the cove, and one blank one, I have a feeling there might be a mission coming for secret agents, or there might be a new room , or both there might be a mission dicovering a new room.

Rockhoppers Password Continued

I have just found out that Rockhoppers Password is 19 letters and numbers with 4 spaces!

This Just In

The Cave is leaking! You can throw a snowball at the window and water will go everywhere (not really) Its awsome!

June 1st – June 30th

Sorry, me and Keasha have had a busy scedule, but were back and ready to upate our site.

 Since June the 1st alot of stuff has happened, but here is the basic stuff,

1 There are new post cards

2 The new pin is in the ski Lodge

3 Rockhopper came then departed, and, by the way I met him (finally)

 4 The game at the cove has gotten better, u can now play survival and surf lesson